25. Juni 2007

25. Juni 2007 | 21:32 | Verallgemeinert

Yeah, it’s me. At last! Sorry for the lack of updates and news but I was so busy with school and so on.

I decided to translate my site into English. I’m not ready yet, but I will give my best to translate everything as soon as possible.

The reason for this change is just that I want to practice my knowledge of the English language. Besides, I think it’s better for people of foreign countries. Perhaps someone wants to read my blog or something who isn’t able to understand German.

That’s everything for now, but I hope I will find enough time soon to write more^^

EDIT: Yes, I forgot. I changed the layout a bit. Well, it’s the same picture because I really do like it. I love Sarah Michelle Gellar and it’s one of the best headers I’ve ever made. But I changed the title and the structure. I hope you like it.

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